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New! WOUNDED HEALER // Lemon Balm + Ginger + Yarrow // by The New New Age
New! WOUNDED HEALER // Lemon Balm + Ginger + Yarrow // by The New New Age

New! WOUNDED HEALER // Lemon Balm + Ginger + Yarrow // by The New New Age

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TASTING/SENSORY NOTES: lemon ginger zing, fresh mountain air, self-love, acceptance, hemostatic, diaphoretic- Medicinalicious

Wounded Healer consists of yarrow, lemon balm and ginger, this tea is named after Chiron, the Centaur from Greek mythology who taught the warrior Achilles the art of plant magic by introducing him to the healing properties of yarrow also known as Achillea millefolium, which roughly translates as the Thousand-leaved plant of Achilles. 

Ingredients: yarrow, ginger, lemon verbena, lemongrass, lemon balm, blue cornflower, black pepper. 

This is the perfect tea to sip as colder weather moves in. Warming you from the inside, filling you up to your cells with the lingering floral essence of summers now behind us.

Our bodies regenerate almost entirely every 7 years. You're literally new!

Keep your body cleansing out the old, and building a brand new new. Give it the best building block for building a brand new you! 

All ingredients are either permaculturally grown, ethically wildcrafted or certified organic. Everything is lovingly grown according to the cycles of the land, the earth, the moon, the sun and the water. Every herb in every blend is imbued with a genuine love and respect for the Earth and your earthly body. 

BULK SIZE: The 170g product comes in a bulk bag, and is available by emailing vividwellness0@gmail.com. Two week wait on Bulk Orders.