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New! WillowBark and Frankincense Post Hair Removal Tonic

New! WillowBark and Frankincense Post Hair Removal Tonic

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This potent liniment is formulated specifically for use after hair removal (waxing, sugaring, shaving or threading) to reduce skin irritation. Prevent breakouts and ingrown hairs leaving your skin perfectly soft and smooth.

Using a cotton pad, apply to the skin daily after exfoliating or dry brushing for best results. Formulated for areas that are prone to irritation like the upper lip/ chin, underarms and bikini.

100 ml

Ingredients: *Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) gel, *Calendula officinalis (calendula flower), *Grain Alcohol, *Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extract, Salix nigra (black willow) extract, *Boswellia carter (frankinsence), *Lavendula anguvstifolia (lavender) essential oil.

*Certified Organic

(The small amount of grain alcohol is used only to extract medicinal properties of herbs included).