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New! Sleepy Time Tincture-1500 mg THC + 100 mg CBD - Island Therapeutics

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The perfect product for folks with higher THC tolerance who need something that works well! 

This clean Cannabis concentrate, infused into organic MCT oil, with all the naturally-occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, is sure to help you zonk out, and stay asleep longer! 

Customers report less wake ups and an easier time falling back asleep when they do wake up in the night. Some users experienced difficulty waking up at their regular time, so give yourself extra time to sleep in, if necessary. 

Island Therapeutics Sleepy Time tincture contains 1500mg THC and 100mg CBD making it the perfect mix to take right before bedtime for a great nights sleep. 

The typical dose to start with, for folks with some experience with THC is approx 5-10 mg. 

If you are NEW to THC, however, we strongly recommend a lower dose product such as the Twisted Extracts 3:1 Indica Infused Avocado oil, or even the 1:1 if you're not worried about getting a little high!*