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New! Sensitiva - Soak - 750 mg CBD Epsom Salt Bath Soak

New! Sensitiva - Soak - 750 mg CBD Epsom Salt Bath Soak


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Pure geologically formed Epsom Salt blend with 750mg of hemp-extracted CBD.

Formulated with CBD & powerful botanicals, to alleviate sore muscles, aches & pains, and swelling & inflammation – while promoting relaxation and stress reduction.

Powerful earth minerals act as a natural exfoliant, and have anti-inflammatory properties that help treat dry skin, small wounds, and acne & blemishes – leaving skin smooth, hydrated and glowing.



Pour 1-2 scoops into warm running bath. Agitate until salts dissolve. Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes for best results. Rinse and towel dry.



sodium chloride | potassium | magnesium | calcium | hemp-extracted cannabidiol | zinc | copper | chromium | cobalt | nickel | vanadium | molybendum | manganese | iron