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New! Intamo Pleasurables- Start Me Up  - Plant Based - Intimate Massage Oil
New! Intamo Pleasurables- Start Me Up  - Plant Based - Intimate Massage Oil
New! Intamo Pleasurables- Start Me Up  - Plant Based - Intimate Massage Oil
New! Intamo Pleasurables- Start Me Up  - Plant Based - Intimate Massage Oil

New! Intamo Pleasurables- Start Me Up - Plant Based - Intimate Massage Oil

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Intamo Pleasurables Pain Relieving, Aphrodisiac Massage Oil 250ml

Gift your lover or your self,  a deep tissue, deeply relaxing massage, with this next level Massage oil formulated with aphrodisiac essential oils for arousal.

It's silky texture and subtle warming feeling not only promote arousal, but provide restoration of the skin’s delicate tissues & time tested healing properties.

These organic and high grade ingredientsoffers succulent hydration to the skin as well as pain relieving, anti inflammatory and anti swelling properties. 



Start Me Up is our plant-based, intimate massage oil that is infused with organic hemp-seed oil to help increase arousal and reduce surface and muscular pain. Next to hemp-seed oil, sesame oil steals the show because of it’s warming effects and silkiness that it offers our body. Similarly to hemp-seed oil, sesame oil helps to remove environmental toxins from the body which is important for our overall health and sexual wellbeing.

Start Me Up was intentionally formulated with a unique blend of essential oils that promote sexual desire, arousal and pleasure. In fact, some scents have been scientifically proven to increase erection in male-bodied individuals, and when inhaled, have been shown to increase your mood and desire, reduce stress and increase your self-esteem (which is a key ingredient for passion and pleasure)!

We highly encourage using our massage oil to ignite the spark during foreplay to get your sensory juices flowing!

We’ve designed Start Me Up with you in mind so you can assure that it will arrive on your doorstep in discrete packaging, and that you will unwrap a beautiful glass bottle that you can leave on your vanity or nightstand!

Start Me Up is not compatible with condoms, it is not a personal lubricant and should not be used internally, as essential oils should not be mixed with the vagina’s natural flora. Please checkout Smooth Operator & Wild Thing if you are looking for a personal lube.


Organic Hemp-Seed Oil contains fatty acids that are important for clearing the body of toxic environmental contaminants which contribute to greater sexual health. It is also a natural pain reliever and beneficial to the skin.

Avocado Oil is a nourishing vitamin rich moisturizer that is also a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to retain elasticity in the skin.

Sesame Oil provides a silky feeling to the skin and a subtle warming feeling. It helps to remove environmental toxins from the body, is rich in antioxidants which helps with scaring and skin irritation and offer anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aphrodisiac Essential Oils like sandalwood, roman chamomile, lavender,  clary sage, lemon and sweet orange were strategically combined to promote increased sexual desire, arousal and pleasure.

Vitamin E Oil has powerful moisturizing and lubricating properties and acts as a natural preservative.

Grapeseed Oil maintains elasticity in the skin, offers a high concentration of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Customer Reviews

Smells amazing!

Robyn on Sep 02, 2020

I absolutely love the massage oil, the smell is heavenly and it makes my skin feel so soft and sexy. My second fave would have to be the Night Moves essential oil blend. I put a few drops in a roller ball mixed with almond to make a perfume. You guys rock xxxoo


Love it

Jackie on Sep 02, 2020

I bought the start me up at the Naughty but Nice show that INTAMO was at in Vancouver this spring. I use it daily for a body oil after I shower . I love it as it nice going on , keeps my skin so soft and it has a soft and subtle scent . This is now part of my mindful start to my day 🙂


Sooo Good!!!

Megan on Sep 01, 2020

The Massage Oil Start Me Up is sooo good!!😍 I find it helps so much that I use it all the time if I have back pain etc its all great. Ill definitely grab some more once I run out!


Good Stuff

Adrian on Sep 01, 2020

I really like the massage oil (start me up), and I’m not sure if it was just placebo or not (because I was hesitant) but I felt really super in the mood after, which I was hoping for since it is advertised as an ‘aphrodisiac’ massage oil. Another plus is that it smells really good