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NEW! ILU Botanicals Pet Care CBD Oil - 2 Strengths
NEW! ILU Botanicals Pet Care CBD Oil - 2 Strengths

NEW! ILU Botanicals Pet Care CBD Oil - 2 Strengths

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Our CBD tincture is made from CBD isolate in organic olive oil, it contains zero THC.

Many people find CBD to help with pain, stiffness and anxiety in their dogs. Always check with your health care professionals or vet if you are unsure if CBD is right for you and your fur family!  This is a completely organic,  human grade product! 

A mid range recommended dosage is 2.5 mg of cbd for every 10 pounds of animal’s weight. Divide your animal’s weight by 10 then multiply by 2.5 to calculate dosage. Droppers are measured for easy calculation.

Ingredients: Organic Olive oil, CBD isolate

Actual Reviews - 

"Our cat was given 2 months to live, and we were told that CBD might help bring some pain relief and comfort in their final days. We let her dose herself, thinking she would be passing away, and because she excitedly slurped it out of the dropper without prompting! She ended up living for 2 more YEARS and actually started eating again that day.

We are so grateful for the extra time this gave us with our best friend, and that her pain seemed to almost disappear. Thank you so much!"

Elizabeth B. 


"Our dog Macy had a hip surgery after an injury and this CBD seemed to really calm her down and help her with the pain.  An unexpected surprise side effect is that it helped a LOT with her seperation anxiety when we put a few drops into her kibble! 

We keep it on hand for anything pain, inflammation, or anxiety related, and honestly, I take it too sometimes and drizzle in my salad dressing, for myself,  because it's the only CBD I can find, in Olive oil! Shhh! We love all the ILU products! Thank you! "

Graham + Eliza S.