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New! GEMS- Microdose Mushroom Gummies
New! GEMS- Microdose Mushroom Gummies

New! GEMS- Microdose Mushroom Gummies

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GEMS 500mg Mushroom Extract Gummies (4x500mg)

These soft, delicious gummies contain a premium, double-filtered mushroom extract that eliminates tummy upset. These scrumptious gummies are Blue Raspberry flavour and are unique to the Canadian market. 

The flavour and texture are incredible and they are easy to digest with minimal side-effects. They deliver a potent body buzz and sometimes, in the righr company- uncontrollable laughter. Ideal for a night out or a night in, all for you or shared with friends. 

There are four gummies per package. Each gummy contains 500mg (half a gram) of psilocybin for a total of 2grams per package.

Effects can last from 3-6 hours and people report they are faster acting and more euphoric feeling than consuming regular dried mushrooms.

1 gummy is enough for a mild to moderate experience, but those who want to explore and go deeper can consume 2-4.

2 grams or 4 gummies is considered a low/mid trip dose.But we suggest starting with one for your first journey and eating more as you feel! 

Our gummies are perfect for those looking to have fun and enjoy a more recreational experience that is a level up from a microdose.