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NEW! Communion Body Care Gift Set - Organic

NEW! Communion Body Care Gift Set - Organic

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A complete Body Care Gift Set with skin-nourishing products to enhance your self-care rituals. Made completely organically, in the pristine Kootenay Mountains, by a skilled herbalist & Wild Crafter,  using only the very finest, cleanest and most pure herbs and botanicals. 

This set is an ideal choice for sampling our most popular body care products and makes a perfect gift for loved ones in your life who need some extra self care and relaxation.

Each set includes:

30 ml Citrus + Vanilla Brightening Body Polish
30 ml Grand Fir + Cypress Body Oil
30 ml Violet Tide Bath + Body Oil
10 ml Cedar + Vetiver Clearing Mist
7.4 ml Chamomile + Yarrow Sensitive Skin Balm
7.4 ml Lime + Ylang Ylang Underarm Deodorant

Comes packaged in a reuseable zip-up hemp-trimmed travel case.