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NEW- CBD Isolate Powder- DIY Mix- 1000 mg

NEW- CBD Isolate Powder- DIY Mix- 1000 mg

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Many of you asked for bulk option for CBD Isolate, so you can create your own edibles, pain creams, and beauty products at home! Genius! We love it!

You can save quite a bit of money by purchasing the Isolate, and mixing it with your preferred type of oil, if we don't carry the infusion you prefer (Sesame oil, or chili oil for example), the possibilities are endless! 

Essentially, you could mix 1000mg of CBD Isolate into any oil, cream or powder you prefer to use, or eat, and the dosing would be up to you!

1000 mg suspended in an MCT Oil is typically $85-110 - so this is quite a savings for folks who don't mind an element of DIY. 

All CBD Isolate is 3rd Part Lab Tested for purity and strength!
Further discounts available for folks seeking Bulk orders. 
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