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Best Seller! Boost - THC Gummy Cubes- Variety Pack - 150 or 300 mg

Best Seller! Boost - THC Gummy Cubes- Variety Pack - 150 or 300 mg

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Boost – THC Variety Pack Gummy Cubes

300mg THC per Tin!

20mg per gummy

15 Gummies per tin.

Each pack/tin is reusable, adorable, portable, and keeps your gummies fresh,longer.

Boost Gummy Cubes are available in multiple flavours. This Variety Tin includes 4 of the most popular flavours (Sour Watermelon, Sour Green Apple, Cherry, Sour Lemon).

Ingredients: ascorbic acid, citric acid, color, gelatin, glucose syrup, MCT oil, sugar, THC distillate .

Keep refrigerated whenever storing for more than a few weeks. Minimal preservatives and additives means these will soften and change shape in warm or hot environments.

Will stay fresh in a cool dark place, for quite a while as well. 

Warnings- Keep away from Children and pets.  Start with 1/4 Cube MAX if you are new to ingesting THC.  Pair with CBD for best effects for sleep, pain and anxiety, on a minimum 1 :1 Ratio. Meaning 10+mg CBD for every 10 mg THC.  

We are trialling this product, so please let us know what you think!