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Micro Dose Medicinal Mushroom- Golden Teacher Capsules
Micro Dose Medicinal Mushroom- Golden Teacher Capsules
Micro Dose Medicinal Mushroom- Golden Teacher Capsules

Micro Dose Medicinal Mushroom- Golden Teacher Capsules

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Often referred to as Mind Snacks, for their ability to nourish and assist the mind, these superfood packed capsules have been instrumental in aiding people with anxiety, depression, addiction, and overall mental health. 

The Medicinal Psilocybe Source in these is a mushroom called Golden Teachers. Known for their gentle, feminine teachings and assistance. 

Please do your own research on these powerful fungi before taking them. 

They include 4 special ingredients known to also provide some incredible, science-backed mental health boosts.  These powerhouses make this a daily supplement for us, here! 

Cordyceps-Can Improve Physical Performance, Reduces Physical Fatigue, has an Anti-Aging Effect. Antioxidant and Immunoenhancing Activities. Protects Mitochondria, Improves Brain Function and Boosts Sex Drive.

Lions Mane- a powerful and potent medicinal mushroom known for being a neuro protectant, and enhancing cognitive abilities. Helps with overall mental health, anxiety, memory loss, depression etc. 

Psilocybin- also referred to, less scientifically of course, as "magic". Please do your own research and decide if these are right for you. 

Mucuna Mucuna pruriens (Fabaceae) is scientifically established  for the management of male infertility, nervous disorders, and also as an aphrodisiac. It has been shown that its seeds are potentially of substantial medicinal importance. The ancient Indian medical system, Ayurveda, traditionally used M. pruriens, even to treat such things as Parkinson's disease. M. pruriens has been shown to have anti-parkinson and neuroprotective effects, which may be related to its anti-oxidant activity. In addition, anti-oxidant activity of M. pruriens has been also demonstrated in vitro by its ability to scavenge DPPH radicals and reactive oxygen species. 

Ginger- Ginger acts as a remedy for a common nausea issue some users experience when eating large doses of psilocybin mushrooms.  This completely cuts that discomfort out. 





The price is the same for both. The ones with less psilo  have more of the other therapeutic and beneficial ingredients and therefore cost just as much to produce. 

We recommend the 1/8 ,  because you can take more if needed, but you cant take less, if the .25 g is too strong.  the 1/8th caps provide a more functional effect, where as the 1/4 can be a little more dreamy and distracting if you are intending to benefit with experiencing much of a deviance from your regular mindset. When you take the 1/8 you're also getting more of the benefits from the other incredible ingredients. 

However, everyone is different.

You are required to do your own research and make your own assessment before purchasing. 

Here are some testimonials. 

"I normally take a 1/4 every day. I used to take the 1/8 and it added something I can only describe as "a sparkle" to my world. Nothing major, but it felt like a pressure had been relieved from my mind and life. Then I tried the 1/4 gram capsules and felt comfortable enough to try a higher dose on a day off, so I took 2 on an empty stomach. I should have eaten a bit, but didnt think of it. After about 20 minutes I felt a little funny. Not quite dizzy but definitely feeling lighter in my body. Then I felt like being cozy and warm and curled up and just closed my eyes. I had some beautiful moments and a few creepy weird thoughts as well but was fascinated at my childlike ability to face the ugly thoughts and dark parts with a sense of awe and wonder and appreciation rather than fear. I felt like a baby giggling at growling wolf, then I slept for 3 hours and woke up feeling great. But the awesome thing is, that after that night, I had no more craving, hunger, or desperate need for cannabis or any of the substances and vices I was using on a daily basis to deal with anxiety. I just, overnight, didnt need them. After over a decade of dependence and a belief that I would forever need them. I never pictured my life without cannabis or smoking and now I feel clear and free and grounded. I still enjoy and love cannabis but no longer fiend or use daily as an anxiety medication.  I have done large doses of psilocybin before but nothing like that ever happened. Now I take my 1/4 g once or twice a week and it feels great." 

K. E.

"It feels like being a kid again for me. Makes me look at life in that open, curious, creative way. Took me out of some pretty deeply entrenched habits and fixed beliefs. I also get great mental energy from them"

 Jan L. 

"It is my daily multivitamin. Helps with energy, mental focus, memory and attitude. All things I need help with at my age"

- Georgia F. 

"I take these for crippling anxiety, and they make it manageable. My anxiety medication saved my life, but these make me need less of them. "

Mandy B. 


 Proudly made locally on unceded coast Salish Territories, in what is known as BC, with the highest quality organic and ethically sourced ingredients