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New! Tea of Peace by The New New Age

New! Tea of Peace by The New New Age

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This subtle and refreshing tea features reishi mushroom, elder flowers and white pine, also known as the The Tree of Peace, which has a rich history of unifying warring nations and bringing peace and love to the land.

Reishi has been used for centuries to improve immunity and well being. It is considered by some cultures to be the mushroom of "Immortality".

Elder Flower also offers its aid to boosting immunity, and offers a delicate floral reminder of spring.  

Yarrow is known to be a healing herb for a multitude of issues. Delicate little flowers who are far more powerful than they appear, remind us that gentleness is strength. 

White Pine is known for its high vitamin C content, but the real medicine is in how it can instantly transport your soul to the middle of a forest covered in morning mist. Not to mention its history as the Tree of Peace. The smell will soothe your soul. 

This tea inspires a sense of inner peace and by extension, world peace...meta world peace. 

Real medicine straight from the earth. Crafted by hands who imbue love and light into every motion of the cyclical, ritualistic process of creating these intentional products. 

Ingredients: eastern white pine, elder flower, yarrow, reishi mushroom. 

All ingredients are permaculturally grown, certified organic, or ethically wildcrafted.