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CannaLife Arthritis/Joint Balm
CannaLife Arthritis/Joint Balm

CannaLife Arthritis/Joint Balm

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Our most trusted Arthritis and pain Balm. 

Infused with medicinal THC & CBD, as well as a plethora of pain relieving, inflammation soothing essential oils, this balm is a best seller and a huge relief. 

Comes in both a jar, and a deodorant-style roll on design for those with less hand mobility, or for caretakers to apply it without using their hands.

Quick relief, and excellent absorption. Lemongrass and Cedar Essential oils- for those wondering about scent. Chemical free. 

Comes in a variety of sizes, including a Large Roll-On, Large, or Small Tins, and the new travel/pocket sized Roll-On stick.