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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see Shipping or my discount being applied when I checkout -

Your discounts are removed on your actual invoice! We send you an invoice through Square Payments as soon as checkout is complete! If you don't see your discount on your invoice, please respond to your invoice with your discount information and we will correct it within 4 hours! 

Do you ship worldwide? 

Almost everywhere, yes! We will ship anywhere, but we are not responsible for the Customs requirements of your specific country, and it is at your own risk, meaning if the package doesn't arrive, we will verify the receipt with you, and the address, and if it is our error, we will replace it. If it is a customs or shipping issue with your country, we have no control.

What is your return policy? 

We do not offer returns or exchanges on any products. 

If we have made an error, please send us a photo of your order and we will respond within 24 hours to replace or refund items that are defective, or damaged due to our negligence. 

 My package didn't arrive but the tracking number says it did- 

If Canada Post says your package arrived, we consider that to be accurate- we are not responsible for stolen or lost packages! If you believe that there has been an error on behalf of us or Canada post, we will file an investigation ticket and rectify the situation within 1- 14 days. 

If theft is a problem in your building, or area, please add a note to your order and ask us to add a signature option. 

Will this product Help me with ______?

We hope so! We are not doctors or Healthcare practitioners, we are simply committed to sourcing organic, plant-based, Canadian medicinal products intended to be used with the guidance and supervision of your health practitioners, physicians etc.

We cannot guarantee anything will cure or heal anyone because we are not your doctors. Customers are required to do your own research and take these products at your own risk. We have done extensive research to source the most ethical, sustainable, lab tested, organic and potent medicinal products and hope you enjoy! 

Please feel free to email Info@vividwellness.ca if you need suggestions on which products will help you best! 

Need more Information? Have comments, feedback or concerns? 

Please email us at info@vividwellness.ca and we will respond within 24 hours! 

If you would like a phone call please include your phone number and we will call you at your preferred time.