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Anxiety + Sleep Aids

CBD Infused, THC infused and Non Medicated Herbal Sleep Remedies

Whether you want to add a few drops of something dreamy to your evening cup of tea, or you like to indulge your sweet tooth WHILE taking your sleep medicine, we have something for every preference!

Our long term Best Sellers  

The well- loved Sleepy Tea from MeadowSweet- combining Herbs known for relaxation and restful sleep, with 10 mg of the original nap maker- organic THC in the form of Decarboxylated (activated) Cannabis flowers, OR the Doze Tea from Fleurs Tea with only CBD + a perfect blend of relaxing herbs. 

If you don't want THC but you want similar herbal ingredients, with CBD,  and without the chance of a mid night bathroom break, try the ILU Botanicals Sleep TinctureThe combination of CBD & these Dreamy herbs is a lovely anxiety remedy as well! 
They are an excellent place to start to discover the best dose for you. 

If you prefer NO THC and NO CBD - We do carry many UNMEDICATED products-

Dream Plants of the Wild Huntress, by the New New Age, is lovely and deeply relaxing. Excellent when paired with the 3:1 CBD to THC Oil Tincture (Froth your favorite milk and add a ML of the oil to your latte for a beautiful night time ritual. 



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