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Pleasure + Relaxation

Whether you prefer to unwind with a hot, steamy Canna infused bathbomb, and an edible, or downing a quick fix capsule after dinner to help you sleep- we have curated an extensive lineup of products ranging from teas, to tinctures to tasty treats- for the rest, relaxation or TKO you need (no judgement!) 

For maximum results, try pairing items across categories!

For example, a light dose of one of our edible 1:1 THC to CBD treats, while you soak in one of our THC, or CBD Bath Soaks/ Fizzes, and sip a steaming mug of CBD Tea from Fleurs, or THC Tea from MeadowSweet Teas. 

Lay back, unwind, let your troubles melt away, and indulge in something that will have you sighing a sigh of relief. 

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