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Pain Relief + Recovery

Whether you're an athlete, trying to recover more quickly, or you suffer from chronic pain, CBD & THC have been proven to help.

More and more athletes are using CBD & THC to relax and soothe tired muscles for their potent  anti-inflammatory benefits and for relief from pain, fatigue, as well as a quicker recovery time! Get back out there faster! 

THC when ingested, offers a psychedelic experience, but when applied topically, directly onto painful areas, the relief comes without the trip. Topical pain relief products like the Active ReLeaf Stick are amazing for all kinds of pain, even for headaches! Just apply to neck, hairline, and behind ears and massage in.

If you are not wanting to apply a topical balm, try the Island Therapeutics Pain Patches for up to 24 hours of Pain relief without any mess. 

If its been a long day of pain, slip into a relaxing CBD Salt Soak or Bath bomb, and apply your chosen topical pain relief immediately after, for a night off of pain! 



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