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Microdose + Medicinal Mushrooms

The finest medicinal mushroom catalog in Western canada. Both wild harvested Medicinal mushrooms and also expertly cultivated Psychedelic Psilocybin mushrooms can be found incorporated into Nootropic supplements, Tinctures, and more fun products like Matcha, Coffee, or chocolate

Psychedelics have long been  used to treat depression, anxiety, and addictions, with the scientific community quickly beginning to match this anecdotal evidence with newly emerging scientific studies. 

Some of these studies demonstrate psilocybin's effectiveness in treating depression as well as some leading antidepressants, and it is also in the process of being approved for end of life treatment here in Canada.

All ethically sourced and cultivated with a deep reverence for the actual medicine these plant Allies provide. 

Each individual will have their own unique experience and neurology, making it very difficult to advise customers on which products are best for them. 

We will try to answer questions, but advise each individual to do their best research on where to begin this deep and meaningful Journey. 



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