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Canna Life Canna- Infused Coconut Oil

Canna Life Canna- Infused Coconut Oil

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One of the best choices for complete health and all around versatility AND the MOST cost effective, and multi-use product we carry! 

 This potent cannabis coconut oil can be eaten, cooked with, mixed in coffee, or rubbed anywhere on ( or in!)  the body for pain relief, pleasure (yes, its safe and amazing for your private business!) and healing for many issues! 

This belongs in everyone's medicine cupboard, but keep out of reach of children, as it is highly psychoactive with 500 mg of THC in our 100 g
jar! 25 mg/ tsp!  Effectively - 50 doses per bottle for low to average tolerance, making it the most affordable and healthiest way for you to get your daily medicine, internally AND topically,  without spending your savings buying multiple products. If you can only afford one THC product, make it this one.
This organic oil, is infused into organic Coconut oil without any solvents, chemicals or harsh processing. Pure medicine. Pure pleasure. Pure relief. 
Available in larger sizes by request. 
Email if you would like to order a larger size. There will be a week delay.