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What a Pain! How to Use CBD for Pain Relief

Nothing slows us down like pain...

and sometimes it is a reminder that we MUST slow down. 

Many studies have shown CBD to be helpful in treating various kinds of pain. Pain from spasms, such as cramps. Pain from Inflammation, such as arthritis. Pain from overwhelm, such as anxiety. Pain from intense muscle seizures such as epilepsy and parkinsons. It has been shown to soothe the cramps of IBS, and the pain of Fibromyalgia.  It has also been hailed as the antidote to the opioid epidemic. 

Here's what you need to know to use it!

First of all, you're going to want to introduce THC if at all possible, even if its in its raw and non psychoactive form. There is emerging research showing that demonstrates what is called The Entourage Effect, meaning each cannabinoid works better and more synergistically in the EndoCannabinoid System, when it is with its Full Spectrum entourage of other Cannabinoids. They want to stay together!!  Which makes sense, when we are dealing with a plant with thousands of variations, compounds, strains, breeds, and benefits. 

"But I dont want to get high..."

OK I hear you! For so long Cannabis and its psychoactive side, THC, has been demonized and there is a huge likelihood that you have a subconscious bias or fear of this Cannabinoid, based on a decades long smear campaign. Google Reefer Madness for a taste.

BUT...  Here's the thing... You dont actually have to get high!

There are amazing products that allow you to microdose, giving you the benefit of THC without the 2 hours of astral travel! 

My absolute best recommendation for pain is:

A dose of your favorite CBD oil

The Soothe is on 30% off this Summer!

Plus a topical like Canna Life- Arthritis Balm

or Miss Envy Infused Bath Bomb,

Plus the MeadowSweet Anti-Inflammatory Tea,

with MeadowSweet (a potent pain killing herb) and CBD/THC among other pain relieving organic herbs. 


If you're dealing with Lower back, or reproductive pain, we HIGHLY recommend the Suppositories

You can absolutely KNOCK OUT pain, without getting high, making them ideal for Endometriosis, PCOS, Pregnancy pain, Lower back pain, Sciatica, Nerve pain, Scoliosis, cancer,  Fibromyalgia, and PMS. 

Basically, what I am saying is double up! Triple up if possible! Hit that pain where it hurts! Literally! If your pain is skin deep, use a CBD Skin cream and CBD oil Topically. If your pain is a deep pain like Rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia, take your CBD all three ways! Orally, Topically and Rectally/Vaginally.  Dont be afraid to use multiple products at once! 

I had a customer going through Chemo, and experiencing an ongoing Bronchial infection and horrific cough for months on end. Nothing would provide relief. She ordered the Blue Lotus Cough and Cold Syrup (absolutely incredible product), and their Lung Tonic Tincture, and she also doubled up on CBD phoenix Tears, and her agonizing infection and cough cleared up in less than a week! 

"My body needs all the help it can get fighting this beast, and nothing has offered me relief to this level, without any toxic ingredients or side effects. Not even Advil can offer that."

These responses are the reason we are passionate about sharing this plant!

Another customer found relief from her crippling endometriosis pain by using the CBD oil topically, and also employing a CBD Suppository on the worst days! 

"I have not felt this lightness in my womb for over a decade. Nothing works, and if it does it ruins my liver. I cant express my gratitude for these"

Do you have more questions? 

Feel free to Contact us at VividWellness0@gmail.com with any other questions you may have. We are happy to help. We are not Doctors (although we do have a nutritionist and a nurse with us) we are just eager and enthusiastic ambassadors of this helpful and effective healing medicine