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Sleep Issues- CBD or THC?

Both THC and CBD may improve your ability to get some shut eye, but the way they achieve it is quite different. You will need to know more about how they each work individually, to find the appropriate products for you. 

How Does THC affect Sleep?

THC has strong sedative properties. The way it interacts with cell receptors in the brain has a profound effect on the body’s sleep/wake cycle. Oils like the Miss Envy Phoenix Tears offer strong sedation and deeper longer sleeps. 

These anecdotal findings are backed by a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, in which the effects of cannabis extracts on certain sleep elements were tested. Researchers found that the use of 15 mg of THC with increased sleepiness. It was found that memory was impaired, sleep latency was reduced, and the subjects reported increased sleepiness and changes in mood.  We dont recommend more than 5 mg of THC for your first time trying it. Once you know how that feels you can move up to 10 or 15 mg. Just know that less is often more helpful than more! 

How Does CBD Affect Sleep?

CBD affects sleep by decreasing stage three sleep but counteracting sleepiness the next day. Reaction time is better when a lower dose combination of CBD or THC is used.

While THC might offer a more profound sense of relaxation and sleepiness, CBD is still important to regulate systems that impact sleep, and offers a sense of relaxation itself.  CBD is excellent for treating symptoms associated with other health conditions that may otherwise hinder your ability to fall asleep. So it offers a longer term solution to sleep issues. Not only that, but CBD has been found to be incredibly helpful for combating pain, alleviating inflammation and reducing anxiety.


Well, research published in FEBS Letters concluded that “CBD modulates waking via activation of neurons in the hypothalamus and DRD. Both regions are apparently involved in the generation of alertness.”

In other words, CBD can make you more alert.

This may seem counterproductive, but its ability to prevent excessive somnolence makes CBD great for anyone working to develop healthier sleep schedules, and find deeper rest and recovery when they are sleeping. 

Understanding the Psychoactive Effects

THC is superior to CBD when it comes to directly inducing sleep, but, THC is also a psychoactive compound and is the cannabinoid largely responsible for the high most people associate with cannabis use. New users of THC need to go SLOW and Start LOW.  It is entirely possible to take too much THC and experience such an intense high that anxiety is inevitable. This is obviously not going to be conducive to great sleep, so start with as little as 3 mg of THC on day 1. 

In contrast, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it produces no high whatsoever and has little or no discernible impact on your day to day bodily functions. It's impact is subtle but often produces longer term benefits in the body. This allows us to reap some of the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of cannabis without being intoxicated, which can be distracting or even dangerous in certain environments. 

CBD or THC: Which is Right for You?

As always, consult your doctor, or therapists for their professional advice, and apply what you now know, when purchasing products.

Have you ever ingested THC? If you have enjoyed THC often, start with a THC Tincture or the Miss Envy 1:1 Tincture, or one of MeadowSweet's gorgeous Herbal tea blends, but specifically, the Sleepy time one. Each bag comes with 22 servings of 1:1 THC to CBD, but also a treasure trove of other helpful plant friends, sure to send you off before you count a single sheep. 

If you have never used THC, start with a low dose of Miss Envy 3:1 CBD:THC, and raise or lower the dose as needed. That has been our best reviewed product for insomnia and sleep issues.

If  you're completely opposed to THC, start with a strong dose of CBD, or a CBD vape pen for a quicker send off. 

There are also Cannabis strains which are largely CBD, with low doses of CBD, these are very helpful for sleep as well. 

Please send us an email at vividwellness0@gmail.com if you have questions, comments or would like help with your experience and awareness of cannabinoids and how they may help you.