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CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD- What's The Diff? Which is Best?

Have you been wondering which is the right choice for you? 

Full Spectrum CBD means the product you're about to consume includes the full, or most of the full spectrum of Cannabinoids present in the hemp, are present in your product. It means it is chock full of other amazing medicinal nuggets, like CBN- another cannabinoid found, by researchers, to aid sleep better than other cannabinoids (Fun fact, according to Sleep Specialist, Dr. Michael J. Breus, "CBN occurs naturally the cannabis plant as the plant ages. That’s because over time–and when heated or exposed to oxygen–the cannabinoid TCH converts to CBN."  So its almost like Elder THC.) including CBD. CBN can also improve the length and quality of your sleep and has been scientifically shown to be a helpful sedative. 

So if sleep is what you use CBD for, I would recommend the Full Spectrum CBD Oil from CannaLife. 

If, however, you are drug tested for work, it is important that you know, that overtime, if you take a large dose of full spectrum CBD oil over time, it does build up in your system and there is a possibility of traces  of THC showing up, however it is unlikely as Hemp is technically classfied as having less than 3% THC. 

If you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT have THC come up in your urine test, but need CBD,  I understand! I would recommend the Soothe CBD Oil. It is an MCT Oil Base (coconut derivative) infused with a CBD Isolate (Isolated CBD) and is strictly that! They provide us with lab results and their product is pure. 

The only other difference is taste. The full spectrum oil will have terpenes in tact, giving it its unique hempy taste. Not skunky like it's cousin Cannabis, just hempy, herby. Terpenes are what give things flavours and tastes. Emerging research shows that terpenes play a surprisingly huge role in how you experience the THC induced psychoactive high while smoking Cannabis. Some of them, similar to the way aromatherapy is said to work, are conducive to sleep, such as Linalool, the same terpene in lavender!  Others, such as Limonene, inspire more energetic and upbeat responses. Any number of these terpenes will be available in the Full-Spectrum CBD oil, and may increase the pleasant sensations experiences mildly. 

CBD Isolate oil will NOT have terpenes, and is tasteless and odourless. It can be hidden in any food or drink so long as it is infused into an oil first. It is fat soluble. 

The final factor in deciding between Full Spectrum and Isolate, is cost. The Full-Spectrum, is for obvious reasons, more expensive than the CBD Isolate infused oils. So if cost and drug testing aren't a concern for you, go for the Full Spectrum, but know that, regardless, the benefits of CBD in either form are well worth keeping in the medicine cabinet. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions- vividwellness0@gmail.com