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Soothe CBD has taken me off anti-depressants after 16 years of dependence. 

Catherine S.

CBD has helped my family through so many things. It's definitely a staple in our medicine cabinet. It helps for my mom's arthritis, my baby's eczema, my husbands sciatica, my dog's anxiety and my pregnancy acne. It literally helped us all survive last year. We cant thank you enough! 

Jordyn K.

I was introduced to Cannabinoid based products August of 2018 in the wake of my father being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, which at the time was considered inoperable.  In fact, surgery was attempted with no success except for an ileostomy to help improve his life despite what appeared to be significantly shortened due to this awful disease.  All hope seemed lost until I contacted a close friend, who is also a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine, who agreed to help my dad with a variety of natural supplements designed to improve his overall health, and hopefully fight the cancer.  I am a registered Professional Engineer, so traditionally this alternative treatment would be viewed as somewhat ineffective ... kind of like snake-oil to be honest.  So, I was skeptical but desperate!  My dad was about to leave us, and I simply had to do everything I could to stop this from happening.  Throughout this process, CBD products were recommended, and I could not get the concentration I needed in my home province - I was introduced to the Sooth Co brand CBD oil, and the effect on my dad was off the charts!  Not only did he begin to feel better, but he became a candidate for chemotherapy - something we were told first was not guaranteed.  Our Naturopath always said that this treatment was intended to work in harmony with traditional medicine, in the hopes maximize the effectiveness of the Chemo .... well it appeared she was right!  Just before Christmas, Dad's tumor shrunk near 30%  He became a candidate to have the extraction re-visited.  No one expected this.  So, here's the side effect that took everyone by surprise .... Dad also suffers from Degenerating Disc disease and Spinal Stenosis.  Crippling pain, with near zero mobility.  He literally could not drive more than 5 minutes without pain.  Could not sleep.  Could not tie his own shoes, or simply put on his socks.  This ALL changed with the CBD products.  Skipping ahead to today, I am thankful to say that dad had his tumor removed last March, and is now considered cancer free.  His ileostomy is scheduled to be reversed by the end of the summer.  He is pain free in his back, neck, and other joints.  He has gained about 60lbs and feels GREAT!  He can drive long distances with no discomfort.  He has a good appetite, and sleeps very well.  His remaining condition is neuropathy in his feet and hands which is getting better slowly, but heading in the right direction.  Even his mental awareness is improving where he is considering resuming his passion for tutoring math (he is a retired teacher) to school age children.  He is convinced that the CBD oil is responsible for his improvement, and his life as a whole.  Our family will not live without this product!  Vivid Wellness provides a service and product to the public that I believe is still not fully appreciated to where it should be!  What you do is not only effective, it is necessary as we move forward to provide wellness and longevity to all.  God Bless you and your team for what you do, and Thank you for what you do for my family.

D. Peddle

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We are a woman run company based out of Vancouver BC. We specialize in sourcing locally made, organic, ethical, and sustainable British Columbia grown Plant and herb health and beauty products, made by British Columbia's absolute best artisans, craftspeople, wildcrafters, and herbalists. We aim to build connections and inform and educate the world about the benefits and healing of therapeutic use of Cannabinoids, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms! We want you to feel free to call us or email us if you have questions, concerns or need advice. We are here to help make your life brighter! 

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