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Like Life...But Brighter!

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These ladies have been so helpful and informative in helping me address my Arthritis pain and anxiety! It is so rare to have an online shopping experience feel human and personal, but you gals do such a fine job!

I love taking my daily THC in so many healthy forms! The Canna Smoothie and Greens powders + Microdose Tincture make my days pain and anxiety free!

Rose L- Vancouver, BC

"I was delighted with their actions and attitude... my experience was as good as it gets. Such personal and pleasant service and attention to detail is outright refreshing! Thank you! "

Steve. P- Oregon US

There is so much joy in receiving a thoughtful gift or note whenever I order from this wonderful, female run business. My day always starts with High Tea Earl Grey and now I can also add my Get Buzzed Honey packet too!

Christine K. - Toronto

Who We Are

We Aim To Ease!

We are a woman run company based out of Vancouver BC, specializing in sourcing locally made, organic, ethical, and sustainable British Columbia grown Plant and herb health and beauty products, made by British Columbia's absolute best artisans, craftspeople, wildcrafters, and herbalists.

We aim to build connections, inform and educate the world about the benefits and healing of therapeutic use of Cannabinoids, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms!

We want you to feel free to email us if you have questions, concerns or need advice.

We are here to help make your life brighter! 

Email us - info@vividwellness.ca for anything at all!

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Like Life. But Brighter.